How to go from excess to moderation


Do you feel at the mercy of your vices?

Do you struggle to say no? 

Does stopping at one seem hard?

Do you feel shame the next day about overindulging the night before?

The reason we feel at the mercy of our vices and we struggle to say no and end up giving in to temptation is because we do not possess a deep understanding of the effects that dopamine has on our brain. This means that we do not have the tools to be able to manage our mindset, beliefs and emotions when we have temptation staring us in the face.

It is possible to make the decision to stop something you want to.

Once you have the right tools you can deal with temptation and not feel at the mercy of it.

You can sit with the emotions when it gets hard.

You can get your control back.

Once you learn the tools to control your vices you will start to feel so good about yourself that any temptation to go back to square one will be outweighed.

You will create so much more space in your life because the mental space of worrying about your vices will be gone.

I decided to run this Masterclass as I decided to give up alcohol for 100 days on the 1st January of this year. I have now stretched it to 200 days and I am amazed at the change I have noticed in me in such a relatively short space of time.

I feel fresh headed every day, more in control of my emotions, physically and mentally stronger, my business has doubled its revenue in one year, but more then all of that, the love and pride I have in myself has positively impacted every single area of my life.

My Masterclass will be run over 2 days over zoom.

Day 1: We will cover what dompaine is and what effects it has on our brain. This helps us to understand why we can find it so hard to give in to temptation. I will then teach you the tools that you can use to make it easier for you to say YES to a healthier life. I will give everything that I used to help me get to nearly 200 day of no drinking.

Day 2: Q&A Session.

This Masterclass is for anyone that has a highly functioning life, they just want to know how to stop over indulging and over consuming.

This is not for anyone that is addicted and requires medical attention.


How much longer can you go on feeling shameful, carrying that sense of guilt around with you?


I cannot attend the live sessions so not sure I can sign up?

This masterclass is filmed live and is recorded so you can watch the replay and submit your question to be answered live at the Q&A session and then watch it being answered on the replay.

What if something comes up and I need more support?

I offer 1:1 sessions if after this after class you feel you want to explore something in more depth.

Who is Noona Nafousi

Noona is a Certified Master NLP Practitioner, who is an Intuitive Soul-Led Coach.

Noona worked in the corporate world for over 20 years as a Headhunter.

In this time Noona conducted over 10,000 hours of 1:1 interviews. This is why Noona is considered to be a leading expert on human behaviour.

Noona’s passion in life is empower people to create the most exciting, intentional and powerful version of themselves with ease, grace and love.



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