Have you ever gone to an interview that you were not that bothered about only to end up doing so well in the interview that they offer you the job?

This happens more then you think and it has nothing to do with luck. It has everything to do with your mindset about the interview.

The reason you got offered the job is because you were relaxed, you were not desperate and answered all the questions from a place of being comfortable. You were able to answer all the questions in depth and with an air of assurance. As a result the interviewee felt that even though your skill set was not 100% matched for the role, you have something that is not trainable or tangible. Confidence and a can do attitude.

That job that you were so desperate for, you walked in the interview with your heart beating a little faster then normal, your palms got a bit clammy, you kept muddling up your words and you just didn’t perform as well as you wanted to.You had all the skills set for the job but the interviewee is left feeling that you’re not the right ‘fit’ for the company ‘culturally’. They need someone who won’t buckle under pressure.

Sound familiar?

As a Life Coach that worked as a Headhunter for nearly 20 years these are my top tips on how to perform in an interview to double your chances on getting the job.

Imagine you have already got the job. This is so important to calm the nerves. Imagine that you already work there. By creating this image in your mind you will feel like you belong there when you attend the interview. You will be calmer and more relaxed and will be able to give a sense of familiarity about you.

Allow the comfortable silences. When you are nervous, it iso easy to allow your nerves to take over and all you can hear is your heart beating faster and as a result of this, the second there is a silence in the room, you fill it with up. You fill it up with irrelevant chatter. Instead, take a deep breath, smile and wait for the next question. This shows confidence and assurance and leadership qualities.

Handshake. I must have shaken hands with over 20,000 candidates in my time as a recruiter and I cannot stress the importance of a good handshake. You do not want to squeeze the persons hand so much you’re turning it blue, you also don’t want it to be so limp that it resembles a wet fish. I have had both and both are unpleasant. Firm, short and always delivered with a genuine smile.

Be honest. Most interviewers are highly skilled professionals that can tell when someone is telling the truth or not. Always be honest. Nothing is more admirable then someone saying, no I have not done that before BUT I am a very quick, keen learner and this is why. Give examples of skills you’ve have got if you have not had particular experience in what is being asked.

Enjoy it. Don’t give the interviewer too much power in your mind as this just causes nerves to heighten even more. Interviews can be so fun. They can be uplifting and enjoyable. Interviews are essentially an exchange of information. Just as much as you are being interviewed, it’s also important to know that you are also there to see if this company is the right fit for you. So enjoy the journey of discovery. Imagine how much you will stand out if the interviewee has had 10 interviews that have been normal but the one with you has been not only fun and enjoyable but you’ve also got the skills.

I have helped many of my clients gain the promotions that they wish for, get that pay rises they have been waiting for, change companies and improve their interviews techniques by training and developing skills that are required for this. These are all skills that you can also learn.