Tomorrow is the 1st of October.

That means we have 13 weeks left till the end of the year. That’s 90 days.

How are you going to end this year?

I, for one am going to end this year strong. Strong in my own self beliefs, strong in my actions and strong in my body and mind.
I’ve got some pretty exciting plans for my business next year. By the end of next year I am going to be, a podcaster; producing training webinars; have a full diary of coaching clients with a waiting list and will be taking my business to earn its first six figures.

To that I need to be showing up and taking action every day. Every. Single. Day.

Rather then wait for the new year, I’m going to end the year on a high so that I can plant the foundation that is required to achieve my business and personal goals.
What does showing up mean?

It means I need to set yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. It breaking down exactly what steps I need to take, one day at a time., one week at a time, one month at a time. All these seemingly small daily actions build up. They build momentum, build expertise and build success, which eventually leads to goals being hit and surpassed.
Goals are achieved through taking action. Every. Single. Day.

I, as an entrepreneur, need to be very clear on the ACTION I need to take to make my goals come to fruition. And the most important action I need to take is to have the right mindset. I need the right belief system in place to create the actions that will create my success.

This is exactly the work I do with my clients. With every single client I work with, we look at what beliefs are serving them and what beliefs are limiting them. These beliefs then need to be updated to match their new set of goals that they have for themselves.

It amazing so many business owners feel that for them to grow their business, they need a better product, or better clients, or a better team when in fact it’s the beliefs they hold about their clients, teams and products which needs to be addressed.

For you to end this year strong write down all your goals for the next 90 days. Then list all the beliefs that you have around them. Be honest with yourself.

“I think I’m aiming too high”
“I can’t get that many sales in one month”
“I’m never going to get a promotion”
“I don’t have the qualifications for my dream job”
“I’m never going to be able to make my business a success”

Sound familiar?

As Tony Robbins says: “Many people are passionate, but because of their limiting beliefs about who they are and what they can do, they never take actions that could make their dream a reality”

These are all limiting beliefs that are not serving you. Sit down and challenge each one. Find evidence of people who have done that. If someone else did, that so can you! Then write all the beliefs that you could service you better next to the old unnerving ones. This simple act is so powerful and can really help you to show up every single day to take action because you believe in your core that you can do it!

As a Life Coach this is exactly what I coach my clients on. It is amazing watching my clients break through old, non serving beliefs and replacing them with ones that are serving them to truly reach their true and desired potential!

Let’s make these last 90 days count.