Max H – Rome, Italy

“I’ve always been naturally pessimistic about anything related to self-improvement or self-empowerment. I was convinced with the narrative I had created that I don’t have problems or issues in my life, therefore therapy or life-coaching is not for me. It’s for others. My upbringing also taught me not to talk openly of such problems, to keep them to yourself. Any such issues were a sign of weakness. When I realised this narrative was wrong, that I do have problems in my life, that I can share them and I do want to resolve them, I had to consider what help was possible, external to support from family and friends. This is what led me to sign up with Noona. I have marriage problems to solve, career worries, financial woes and deep rooted addictive and self-destructive behaviour. I am not expecting Noona to provide quick and easy remedies for all of these, but having committed to taking the first step and signing up to her programme after the initial consultation, I am feeling far more positive about myself, my future and how to live my life in the best way.

Noona’s professional demeanour, her calm and confident approach and her ability to understand macro-to-micro life problems, all play very well into creating a new narrative for myself, based on the truth, based on an awareness of how the brain is wired and why we choose to act or behave in certain ways. I’m at the beginning of a long process but I am so happy that Noona is part of that, so I can wholeheartedly recommend her and testify to her professional capability.”