Phyliss – Oxford

“I came to Noona during a very tough year in the middle of the pandemic. I have 3 young children ranging from an early teen to age 8, and a husband who has been shielding & suffering from anxieties.  I run my own small business with pressures from all directions like many of us working parents, life became very hard to cope and it got to a point where there were a good few days I couldn’t get out of bed or didn’t care about anything, I started to search online what depression feels like because I had never experienced it.  The relationship between my eldest daughter & I was so strained that I couldn’t look her in the eye & I couldn’t stand the sight of her. I was miserable to be with, shouting at everyone regularly & I couldn’t remember the last time I felt happy.  There were very bad thoughts that scared me also that I knew I needed help imminently.

Noona has completely transformed my thoughts after our 3 months treatment, and in every situation which I find difficult, she has a very caring & understanding insight to help you see and experience that emotion from a different light, a positive angle with amazing reasoning.  She is very personable and you feel like you are talking to a friend whom you have known all you life and you just want to go on and talk for hours because each issues you discuss with her you feel better afterwards and no longer lost, thanks to her extremely professional approach.

Things don’t change overnight and that’s why a 3 months course is important because you gradually adapt a new way of applying your thoughts, taking better control over your actions or lack of. If you are in any doubt about yourself, your future or feeling sad or lost, I hope you will join Noona’s journey, because she will absolutely be there for you and guide you. I feel less lonely and have support knowing that I can talk through any struggles that pop up.  My children are calmer because I have adjusted my approach towards many things, they now even make fun of my husband when he is stressed – ‘you need to be Noona-ed’!”