“I was binge eating at night a lot. Noona has really helped me to deal with it and get to the point that rather then keep going back for more I can actually stop when I’m full rather then when I’m stuffed. The level of shame I would feel after was awful and just having such pride in myself that I can say no is everything. Thank you Noona for helping me enjoy my evenings in again”


“I am Irish and drinking is a big part of our culture. I am on day 54 of 100 days no alcohol and I did find it hard in the beginning. My red wine on a Friday night has been tough but waking up every Saturday ready to go to the gym has made it worth it. The craving has got less and having Noona support me through this journey has been a game changer. I have lost 3 kilos, and am more focused at work and generally so much happier. My anxiety has gone and my beer fear is nowhere to be seen”


“I am on day 47 of my 90 day of no alcohol and I can safely say it has been easier that I thought it was. I feel so good and my weekends have been filled with more joy then I thought they would be. The tools Noona gave me have helped me so much”